[Thu, 18 Jul 2024 14:29:59 GMT]$ mtr --version
mtr 0.86

Usage: [-4/--inet] [-6/--inet6] [-b/--show-ips] [-B NUM/--bitpattern NUM] [-c COUNT/--report-cycles COUNT] [-e/--mpls] [-f NUM/--first-ttl NUM] [-i SECONDS/--interval SECONDS] [-m NUM/--max-ttl NUM] [-n/--no-dns] [-o ORDER/--order ORDER] [-u/--udp] [-v/--version] [-y NUM/--ipinfo NUM] [-z/--aslookup] HOSTNAME

-c/--report-cycles and -i/--interval are each limited to 8. Multiplied together, their combined value is also limited to 8.

Default options: -c 3 -i 1 -r -w

See mtr(8) for documentation (including many options unavailable here).

source code

linbotmtr is free software (such as it is) available on Bitbucket.